Importance of Writing

by Rhonda Meyer Vivian October 20, 2014 News 0 Comments

National Day on Writing – October 20th


Today is the National Day on Writing, an appropriate day to think and write about the process of writing.

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Why Notebooking Central?

by Rhonda Meyer Vivian October 17, 2014 Resources 0 Comments

Using Interactive Student Notebooks

If you are actively involved in U.S. K-12 education, you are probably familiar with the concept of notebooking, journaling, ISNs (Interactive Student Notebooks), or some other variation of the concept.  This is a concept and a practice that has become quite popular around the U.S. and in other parts of the world.


One reason is that notebooking allows students, and teachers, to keep track of class work in one spot.


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Get your S.O.S. Template, FREE!

Remember the S.O.S. notebooking template we shared with you last week?  How would you like to be able to use it in your classroom?  We’ve added it to our Notebooking Central store with some ideas for how to use it.  And now, you can get it for free with this coupon code.

SOS Coupon Code

Use the coupon code – SOSFREE –  in the “Shop” tab to get it for free.

Let us know how you used the S.O.S. template, in the comments below.