Things I’m Grateful to See in Student Journals

by Rhonda Meyer Vivian November 26, 2014 News 1 Comment

There are many student journals or interactive student notebooks that don’t seem very special on the surface, especially when we know our students well.  I’ve been fortunate to see many examples of student notebooks from students I don’t know around the U.S., at different grade levels and in different content areas, from teachers who have brought examples when they attend the Dinah Zike Academy or visit us at a conference exhibit hall. Most of these are in the form of bound composition books that get thicker as the unit/school year continues.  Though I use the terms interchangeably here, I realize that in many classrooms, the terms journaling and notebooking are used to reflect different processes.

What I am Thankful for in Notebooking

In this week of gratitude, it seems fitting to share some of the wonderful things I’ve seen in student notebooks.  So here goes: Read more…

Notebook Foldables in the Classroom – 5th Grade Science

Letter from a Parent

“My 5th grader brought her science notebook home a few months after school started, and I was completely blown away by it.  It was very interactive and full of foldables.  She was so proud of it and went through it with me and explained every single page.  While showing it to me, she told me that science was her favorite subject.  She had never been so enthusiastic about science, so I think her notebook had a lot to do with it!”


What are your students taking home from your classroom? How do they explain what they’re learning?

Perspectives on Notebooking: High School Science

From Veteran Science Teacher, LaVonda Popp

So you teach science and, “Yay!,” -fist bump- you even teach high school science (Biology, Chemistry, IPC, Physics, etc.).  Congratulations, because you have one of the best jobs EVER!  And you feel like this every single day you walk in the classroom, right?  I know, I’ve been there, and some days you just want to run screaming out of your classroom.  Students lose their notes, didn’t bring an assignment, whine about taking notes, and, quite frankly, just don’t want to be in NBFclass.  That’s any class, not just your class. How do you engage them?  How do you get that ownership of knowledge?  How do you promote accountability?  Organization?  Well ……………. have you tried using Notebook Foldables®?

It might be a life-changing experience, not only for you, but also for your students.  Just the visual, kinesthetic part is enough to get them to at least pay attention – and you will take anything, even a couple of minutes, right? – but then, THEN when they realize you are providing them with a tool to make learning purposeful and meaningful, all of a sudden you are “The Bomb Dot Com” and they love coming to your class.  Now, don’t get me wrong, they don’t really care if it is purposeful and meaningful, but they do, for the most part, understand that at some point in time they will need to be able to remember or be able to retrieve the knowledge you are bestowing upon them.

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Why Notebooking Central?

by Rhonda Meyer Vivian October 17, 2014 Resources 0 Comments

Using Interactive Student Notebooks

If you are actively involved in U.S. K-12 education, you are probably familiar with the concept of notebooking, journaling, ISNs (Interactive Student Notebooks), or some other variation of the concept.  This is a concept and a practice that has become quite popular around the U.S. and in other parts of the world.


One reason is that notebooking allows students, and teachers, to keep track of class work in one spot.


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