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What is Notebooking Central?

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What is Notebooking Central?

Your home for all things notebooking!

Many of you have been using Dinah Zike’s 3D interactive graphic organizers (often referred to as Foldables) since the 1970s, and you have converted, or are in the process of converting to notebooking.  Through the years, notebooking in many forms has proven effective for generating, collecting, organizing activities for instruction, practice, and assessment.  Notebooking also provides a venue for recording student observations, questions, and opinions while immersing students in academic vocabulary.

Notebook Foldables can easily be integrated into any notebooking program. For more in-depth information on strategies, you might view our Notebook Foldables® book and CD, which won a 2011 Teachers’ Choice Award.




Our Notebooking Central Booklets

Notebooking Central booklets are a response to teachers who asked for content specific templates that: provide graphics to aid comprehension and memory; provide front tabs that help students generate responses on the back of tabs, underneath tabs, and on the notebook page surrounding tabs; provide ideas for the use of Notebook Foldables within different content areas.

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How to Use Notebooking Central Booklets

When using Notebooking Central booklets, duplicate the page you consider the most important, and use suggestions from other pages to generate your own ideas.  Present a concept, then have students outline and design their own Notebook Foldables.

Inside the front cover of each Notebooking Central booklet and throughout the book, there are photo examples of what templates would look like when used in a composition book.  This gives you a bit of an idea of how these templates can be used in the classroom.


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Other Notebooking Central Products

Topic Investigations

Topic Investigations are shorter booklets that offer in-depth studies of a specific topic, such as Oceanography, that often don’t get a lot of coverage in the general curriculum.  The Notebook Foldables found in a Topic Investigation titles are designed to develop tested skills or achieve deeper understanding of the most important ideas associated with the topic.

Topic Investigations can be used as:

  • An extension of required curriculum
  • An in-depth investigation into a topic
  • Part of a project-based learning experience
  • A resource for a thematic unit of instruction
  • A review and supplement for students who need to review specific content concepts
Elementary Math Manipulatives

Place Value,  Sums to 10, and Sums to 20 boolets contain both full-color and black-and-white, reproducible templates.  Complete instructions for asembly and ideas for use are printed on the inside covers.

Acetate Rulers contains a classroom set of 20 each of customary and metric 6 inch rulers printed in full color on acetate.  Rulers may be cut out and used to measure many everyday items and may be stored in student notebooks.

Decorative Notebooking Papers

Coming fall 2014!

Free Templates for You

Coming soon!

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